Book Publishing

Charlie Ryan called me several weeks ago and asked if I would consider publishing his latest novel, The Pullman Hilton.  The photo of the cover at the bottom of this post is the result of our collaboration.  Charlie enjoys writing and it shows.  His work is great!  The book will fill you with the wonder of the season and the importance of friends and family. 

The Pullman Hilton is a Christmas Mystery that is a fast moving winter's tale that centers on the escapades of seven youngsters as they seek adventure and encounter mystery and the unknown during a Depression-era Christmas.

They explore a Pullman car graveyard with over 200 abandoned wooden railroad cars.  This graveyard holds the allure of the unknown, desperate hoboes and, perhaps, hidden treasure.

The seven, "The Maple Avenue Gang," come face to face with two hoboes and a mysterious figure who comes and goes—is he a ghost, spirit—good or evil?

You will want to order this book in time for the Holidays.